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Updating nissan armada gps

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So there’s an expectation that the same should be true of their car’s maps.” In fact, a survey conducted by HERE* found that 74 per cent of respondents expected map updates to be a free part of what they receive with a new vehicle. First launched with Volvo in Europe in 2009, if your car’s manufacturer is part of the program, it’s normally a part of the free service package you receive when you buy a car and lasts for around three years or more. Laurent says, “Our vision is that every driver with a car equipped with a navigation system deserves an always up-to-date map, included in the price of the vehicle.HERE Map Care is poised to become the industry standard for achieving this.” Currently 23 automotive makers offer Map Care with their more technologically advanced vehicles.

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Select your Nissan's model and year using the drop-down menus on the left. Click "Add to Cart," then "Buy Now." Complete the order, and the update is sent via DVD. Depending on the vehicle's model, this may be in the center console, under the front passenger's seat, behind the driver's seat, in the trunk or in the upper glove box. Map update benefits include: Enhanced Routing Refreshed data improves routing accuracy, whether locating an alternate route to work or planning a road trip.Save Time and Fuel Improved accuracy also gets you to your destination faster and optimizes eco-friendly routing options, helping you reduce fuel consumption. Some system updates include new features [*] such as junction lane guidance, 3D landmark renderings, improved voice recognition and more.[*] Address Book You can store up to 50 favorite locations in your address book, which is especially handy for those confusing neighborhoods and places you drive to just a few times each year.Detailed Traffic To enhance your system even more, subscribe to Nav Traffic or Sirius XM Traffic (dependent on which system your vehicle is equipped with).How will those in-car maps be kept up-to-date over the life of the vehicle?