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We've come up with a compilation of interesting, unique, funny, and cool usernames, which you can peruse through in the articles provided below.

If you want your username, screen name or player name to stand out, you should choose one of the following cool usernames.

I’ve had ever so many users come to me with usernames that either convey something totally off (wrong gender, for example) or just failed to help them stand out and shine.

Your username, coupled with your profile picture, is the MOST visible thing in search results.

First, you need to keep in mind that your user name is not going to be very important in the grand scheme of things. No one is going to pick or reject you based on your user id and I personally can’t remember any user ids that have really jumped out at me.

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I recently had some traffic coming to my site where the people were obviously looking for the answer to that question so I wanted to briefly speak to this.

Your username in an online dating profile matters more than you might realize.

I know, I know; none of the sites make it clear enough. Don’t create a totally random one that you gave a mere second’s thought!

If you look at girl’s profile, how much does the name she’s chosen matter in your overall assessment of her attractiveness? An here's the problem we need to be aware of: Choosing the right profile name won’t help you much in creating attraction, but choosing the wrong profile name can make you seem less attractive.

It’s tiny significance is dwarfed by more important things, you say? The second reason is this: When a girl looks at your profile she will immediately start trying to figure you out. If you try to use your name to display attractive qualities you’re likely to end up hurting your chances. Firstly, keep it simple; something neutral that’s easy to remember is good.